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Travel insurance for up to 5 years

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Travel insurance for up to 5 years

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HanseMerkur travel insurance guarantees you first-rate performance for up to 5 years!

The most important item to pack - reliable coverage for your stay in Germany

Travel insurance for foreign visitors for up to 5 years protects you from high costs if you stay in Germany for a longer period of time. Gain access to extensive insurance coverage by extending basic travel health insurance to include travel accident insurance, travel emergency insurance, and luggage insurance.

*Sample rate (International health insurance): Applies to persons from their 18th birthday until their 65th.

Overview of travel insurance benefits for young foreign guests at a glance

Benefits Basic Profi
International health insurance
Travel accident insurance
Travel liability insurance
Travel emergency insurance
Luggage insurance
*Sample rate 1,70 EUR per day 2,50 EUR per day
Rate overview Alle Preise
Costs for outpatient and inpatient treatment according to applicable fee schedules
Costs for prescribed medication and dressings
Radiation, light, and other physical therapies
Costs for prescribed massages, poultices, and inhalation treatments 300 EUR
Prescribed aids in case of accident 500 EUR
Prescribed aids (unrelated to accidents) 500 EUR
Preventative dental checkup 200 EUR
Analgesic dental treatment 500 EUR 2.000 EUR
Medically necessary dentures with 80% of invoice amount Up to 1.250 EUR
Medically necessary prenatal treatment due to specific complaints
Prenatal care and childbirth
Visual aids Up to 200 EUR
Screening examinations for early detection of cancer Up to 300 EUR
Transfer or funeral expenses 10.000 EUR 10.000 EUR
Benefits at a glance
Insured sum in case of death 10.000 EUR 20.000 EUR
Insured sum in case of disability 20.000 EUR 60.000 EUR
Rescue costs 5.000 EUR 10.000 EUR
Benefits at a glance
Liability risks of daily life 1 Mio. EUR 2,5 Mio. EUR
Liability claims related to rental property damage per insured case 10.000 EUR 25.000 EUR
Damage to host family household 10.000 EUR 25.000 EUR
Deportation costs Up to 1.000 EUR Up to 5.000 EUR
Key loss 250 EUR
Damage to assets 10.000 EUR
Professional liability 25.000 EUR
Bad debt insurance 10.000 EUR
Benefits at a glance
Travel costs to country of origin in cases of family member illness 1.000 EUR
Loans for additional expenses related to illness, accident, or death
Loans for extra costs in cases of abduction 10.000 EUR 15.000 EUR
Emergency location service
Loans for detention or threat of detainment 1.000 EUR 2.500 EUR
Loans for bail 10.000 EUR 15.000 EUR
Loss of travel funds (loans) 500 EUR
Assistance with lost credit, EC, and Maestro cards
Loss of travel documents
No deductible
Benefits at a glance
Damage to luggage held in third party custody
Late delivery
Third party criminal offenses
Damage related to traffic accidents
Damage related to fire, explosion, or natural hazards
Benefits at a glance
All contracts related to a stay of more than 365 days are underwritten by our subsidiary ADVIGON. HanseMerkur incurs the risk for travel up to 365 days.

If you wish to prolong your stay in Germany, you can extend your insurance contract for a maximum of up to 5 years.

Questions and answers about travel insurance for foreign guests up to 5 years

This insurance is suitable for all persons of foreign nationality who plan to spend an extended period of time in Germany. The policy holder must be under 75 years of age and may only be a temporary resident abroad. In addition, the policy holder must not be subject to statutory and long-term care insurance obligations (e.g. by taking up employment subject to social security contributions).

A deductible of 25 Euro applies to each insured event. For travel liability insurance, the cost is 20% (minimum 50 Euro) in cases of deportation or rental property damage. The cost is 10% (minimum 200 Euro) in cases of damage claims in host family households, professional liability, and bad debt insurance. There is no deductible for travel accident insurance or emergency insurance. The deductible for luggage insurance is 50 Euro per insured event.

It’s best to finalize your travel insurance at the time you book your travel. However, you also have the option to take out insurance at any time after you enter Germany. If the application is completed within 31 days of arrival, there is no waiting period. If the insurance is finalized at a later date, a waiting period of 31 days applies.

Emergency Hotline

In case of emergency, we are here for you around the clock!

If you need medical help in Germany, you can count on us. Our emergency service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our friendly staff will advise you about doctors in your area and provide you straightforward assistance.

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